What is the PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning System?

What is the PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning System?

In a nutshell, it is a Lifestyle Financial Planning “process in a box” that financial planners can use with their clients.

The Core Client Process provides a simple step by step system that delivers a fantastic client journey – including client meetings, coaching tools and bespoke reports that get your clients engaged with, and paying for, Lifestyle Financial Planning. 

And it’s all accessible through the PlanHappy Academy.

Lifestyle Financial Planning is a very different way of working with clients.  It focuses on the ‘human’ elements, rather than the ‘transactional’.

The process takes your client on a journey through three key stages:

  • Life Coaching: Using great conversations and coaching, it helps them ask (and answer) the important big questions about what they really want from their life.  Crucially, we don’t talk about ‘products’ or ‘numbers’ – just the human questions that explore what a ‘great life’ looks like for them.
  • Financial Planning: Using cashflow modelling we explore how they can achieve the ‘best life’ that you’ve helped them visualise. Do they have enough? If not what do they need to do to get there?
  • Financial Advice: Implementing any products that are needed to support the financial plan and the ongoing management of any investments.

PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning is designed for two types of adviser:

  1. Those who are new to Lifestyle Financial Planning who want to move from a ‘transactional’ relationship with their clients to developing a more fulfilling ‘human’ relationship – adding more value to their clients and creating a more rewarding experience for themselves, as a planner.
  2. But it’s also for those who are already converted to Lifestyle Financial Planning and want to get past the why, and onto the how – providing them with a Lifestyle Financial Planning ‘process in a box’ that they can install in their businesses – without the need to reinvent the wheel.

It provides answers to some of your big questions:

  1. How can I get my clients interested and engaged with Lifestyle Financial Planning?
  2. How do I structure and pitch my fees so my clients are happy to pay me for Lifestyle Financial Planning?
  3. How do I conduct each of my client meetings to guarantee success?
  4. How do I overcome objections, obstacles and barriers?
  5. How can I deliver great coaching work and make sure I add real value to my clients – and my relationship with them?
  6. How do I charge more fees and provide a more engaging service and secure more loyal clients?
  7. How will not talking about financial products help me do more financial products business? (if I choose to)

There are over 120 modules over 7 stages. Each module includes:

  • a detailed instructional video and an accompanying guidance document that are perfectly designed to walk you through every step of the journey – what to do, when to do it, how to do it and how to deal with any obstacles
  • custom, lifestyle financial planning reports which work alongside (and support) the Lifestyle Financial Planning process – these add a real Wow factor to your clients
  • support with Cash Flow modelling, including video guides to show you how it is used to support the Lifestyle Financial Planning process – using any of the major cash flow modelling software packages that are available

Crucially, the PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning process has been developed over many years by Neil, an established and experienced Financial Planner and Lifestyle Financial Planning advocate.

  • It has been created, tested, refined and honed through thousands of client sessions to what it is today – a proven system that just works, straight out of the box (as Neil says – he’s made all of the mistakes, so you don’t have to😉.)
  • It’s available as a training course which you can easily access, either in instalments or all in one, and includes a support group of like-minded PlanHappy learners and experts.
  • There are online assessments for each module so you can check your understanding of each stage.
  • An optional Masterclass Membership gives you access to a weekly Q&A Masterclass session with Neil to help you get over any obstacles, whilst fine tuning your skills.

It’s refreshingly different, simple to use, fantastically effective and most of all – it just works.

There a free trial available, including over 20 modules to get you going, which you can access now from the PlanHappy academy website.

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