The road is long with many a winding turn

The road is long with many a winding turn

How much do you think about your client’s journey? I don’t mean their ongoing and life-changing journey with PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning – I’m assuming you put a huge amount of thought into that! I genuinely mean the journey from their house to wherever you do your sessions. How can we make that journey as nice as possible? Don’t look so puzzled – just hear me out….

You are responsible for your client’s journey

I know what you’re thinking – “bloody hell, Neil – surely my clients can get themselves to my office?!” And yes, they can.

But there’s a nice way to do that journey that shows WoW, and there’s another way that doesn’t.

When your client is booked in for a session with you, do you do everything you can to make their journey easy? Do you remove any anxiety or nerves for them? Do you make their journey to your office WoW?

How to make sure your client’s journey is WoW

Even in the days leading up to your client’s journey to your office, you need to do everything you can to make things as stress free and easy for them as possible.

  • Do you send them an email with the time, address and maybe a location map?
  • Do you add ‘what 3 words’ so that they know exactly where you are?
  • How are they actually getting to you? Are they maybe coming by bus? Train? Have you put those details on for them?
  • What about the extra details, like which train station or bus stop is best? How much of a walk to expect from the stop to your building?
  • What about parking? Have you told them where they can park? I know people who get really anxious about whether or not they’ll be able to find a space. Have you made sure you can guarantee your client a space? And don’t reserve them one at the other end of the car park, by the bushes – save them one of the nice ones, right near the door.
  • If it’s raining, do you nip out with an umbrella? If not, why not? Are you just going to wait for them to get wet as they leg it across the carpark?
  • When they arrive, is there someone to greet them? Is it obvious where they need to go?
  • And do you remember to welcome them by their name? It’s not like you or your reception staff don’t know they are booked in to see you! Smile and say, “Hello Dave and Margaret – how lovely to see you.”
  • Know their case file. If their son has just started university, check how it’s going, “How’s Johnny getting on? Has he settled in?”

Why is this all so important?

The WoW journey that I’ve detailed above is not an ‘over the top’ list. It’s not even an exhaustive list. But it’s an important one.

It’s all about doing what you can to make your client feel as relaxed as possible. It’s about removing any uncertainty or potential for anxiety before they leave the house. It’s about doing everything you can to make their journey easy, so that they don’t have to worry – and making them feel valued, welcome and comfortable when they arrive.

Why? Because they’ll feel like they are dealing with a company that really cares. And what did it cost you? Nothing. Just a little bit of thought.

Want to know the benefit of a client who arrives feeling really comfortable and relaxed? Well, you can expect a fantastic Lifestyle Financial Planning session – and probably a client for life.

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