It Takes Two To Tango

It Takes Two To Tango

As a Financial Planner, I bet one of the most frustrating parts of your job is when you do an initial consultation with a client (who is in a couple) and only one of them turns up. So there you are, trying to do great joint lifestyle financial planning with just one person in the partnership. So frustrating! So, why didn’t your client bring their partner? I’m afraid it’s probably all your fault. Let me explain.

Don’t your clients want to plan their joint futures together?

So, why on earth did your client turn up without their partner? Surely if you’re going to do anything together, as a couple, financial planning for your joint futures would be one of them?

But is that why your client came to see you?

Your client thinks they are there for financial advice

You know you’re there to deliver some great lifestyle financial planning. But does your client know that’s why they are there?

The fact is, that’s probably not why your client walked through your door. It’s far more likely that they initially called you because of a technical reason. Whatever life stage they are at, some sort of transactional question probably cropped up – so they gave you a ring.

In their head, they’ve come along for financial advice.

It’s no wonder they’ve only sent the ‘technical’ one along

Now, in any couple, one person tends to be a bit more technical and transactional in their approach to things and the other tends to be a bit more holistic. It’s just how we are and it’s often a reflection of where our skills lie.

So, which partner is likely to turn up if they think it’s a financial advice session? You’ve guessed it – the technical one.

The other partner, who is more holistic, is sitting at home thinking:

“I don’t want to go to a boring financial advice meeting with an accountant in a suit!”

Your clients are simply dividing tasks.

Who’s to blame for this mix up?

So whose fault is it that they’ve assumed you’re giving financial advice when, in fact, you want to ‘sell’ great lifestyle financial planning to them – as a couple?

I’m afraid it’s yours – you’ve only really yourself to blame. But on the plus side, you can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

So, how can you make sure both clients turn up in future?

What you need is a process that ensures you get both partners there together. Because let’s face it, who’s more likely to align to your fantastic lifestyle financial planning process – the technical one or the holistic one? Of course it’s the holistic one – that’s the one you really want to be communicating with.

If the technical one turns up on their own, they’ll really struggle to talk about family, feelings and emotions. They’ll just want to talk about how to get a better return on their pension!

You need them both there. And that means putting some work in before the meeting.

  • Get contact details for both partners and make sure they both get an invitation to the session.
  • Let both partners know exactly what the session will be about – send them some information beforehand.

So make sure you have a process in place to get both partners there. Otherwise, you’ll be relying on the technical one to go home, speak to their partner and try their best to convey the pitch that’s taken you years to develop and perfect!

Just think about that for a minute.

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