You can take a free trial for 30 days which gives you previews of a number of modules and you can upgrade to full membership at any time.

Yes, you can cancel at any time with no more to pay.

Yes, each module comes with an optional online multiple choice assessment and completing this will qualify you for your CPD certificate.

Great Lifestyle Financial Planning means using cashflow modelling as part of the financial planning element and in the Academy we’ll show you how to get the best out of your Cashflow modelling software.

That said, you don’t need to do the cashflow modelling yourself if you don’t want to . You may want to assign someone in your firm to do it or outsource it to specialist companies who provide this service.

Whichever way you choose – everything you need is in the Academy!

No, PlanHappy works as a process irrespective of which software package that you use for your Cashflow modelling. We do favour Voyant as we feel it is the most intuitive for Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Yes absolutely, the PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning process works great whichever communication method you use.

Yes, it is a proven process that can be used in anywhere.

No. Although the cornerstone of the PlanHappy Academy is Lifestyle Financial Planning and how that can help you, your business and most importantly your clients – its not solely about your front end client process.

There’s lots more great content on the other areas that you need for a successful business including;

– Coaching & Presentation skills

– Marketing & Lead Generation

– Pricing & Commercials

– Cashflow modelling

– Business Skills

– Estate Planning

Business, service and skills improvement is an ongoing process – there is no single silver bullet.

The Academy is structured to deliver the content and training to you in a way that allows you to build each module on top of the last one and develop lasting value in your business.

That said, you will see value in your business from month one and be able to start putting what you learn into practice with your clients within weeks.

Over the first year we expect you to learn and become proficient at the core client Lifestyle Financial Planning process and then a lifetime (as Neil still is!) improving and building your coaching and presentation skills to really polish your coaching and planning service.

This is followed by further modules on Coaching & Presentation Skills, Marketing and Lead generation, Business Skills, Estate Planning and much much more.

Content is continuously being added and refined and most people find that invaluable over the months and years. That said, you can duck out at anytime if you don’t feel that you’re getting value.

After the initial glut of content when you first enrol, further modules are released each week.

The Academy is designed for you to work at your own pace so you can spend as much or as little time on it as you like. That said, you need to find the balance between setting regular time aside to spend on the content and learning and leaving yourself sufficient space to put it into practice and cement it in your mind.

We recommend that you set aside 30 minutes to an hour each week (2-4 hours per month)  which gives you a nice balance between learning and putting it into practice.

You will see the value to you and your business from day one.

Modules are released to you monthly at a rate that is enough to keep you learning and putting it into practice at a pace but not too much to overwhelm you!

Neil understands that having access to someone who has been there and done it successfully is a great resource for learners and that’s why members get access to Neil for help, support, coaching and problem solving.

You can access him via the Facebook group where he is a regular contributor or via the weekly Q&A masterclass webinars where you can interact live with Neil and ask for support.