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Accessing the content

Simply work through each module in sequence. Each one has a Video Guide, Document Guide and an online assessment so you can confirm your understanding. Client report templates and other supplementary materials are released with the relevant module in the process so look out for them. Happy learning!

Facebook Support Group

Now that you’ve joined the Academy you can (and should!) join the private Facebook group which you can find below. Inside you will find all the support that you need from Neil and other PlanHappy experts and learners on all things PlanHappy!


Masterclass Sessions

Make sure to take advantage of the weekly online live Q&A masterclass sessions with Neil and other PlanHappy experts. These sessions help you deal with any issues that have arose by giving you live coaching on all things PlanHappy that are hot on your mind that week. These sessions take place on a Monday morning at 11am via Microsoft Teams and you’ll be automatically added to this group on enrolment. You’ll find recordings of previous sessions in the PlanHappy Masterclass section below.