A Day Late and a Dollar Short

A day late and a dollar short

How prepared are you for your sessions with a client? I don’t mean the suitability report, cash flow models and that sort of thing. What I mean is, how emotionally prepared are you for a human session? Have you put as much work into the humanness preparation as you have for the technical and practical preparation? Because it’s pretty vital. I’ll explain why.

Are you emotionally ready?

Your clients are coming to meet you for a ‘human’ session. I don’t doubt you’ve done loads of prep for all the practical stuff – the cash flow models and that sort of thing. But what about the human stuff?

Which is your client going to be more comforted by?

When you first greet them, are you in the right headspace to greet them like old friends, because you are fully up to date – emotionally? And when I say ‘up to date’ I mean with everything that you’ve been through with them – over the previous weeks, months or even years?

  • Do you remember the things they were anxious about?
  • Can you remember what was going on in their family?
  • Can you comfort them with questions that show you remember?

Show genuine, emotional empathy

If your client had stuff going on in their lives, or was anxious about Johnny starting university, how great does it look if you can remember to ask how he’s settling in?

And imagine how comforting it is for your client if you remember that they’d previously had a health scare, and you take the time to ask them how they have been feeling.

Asking these questions, with a genuine empathy, will do 2 key things:

1. It will comfort your client
2. It will bind them to you 10 times more than anything you could ever put in a suitability report

But do you actually give all this the time it really deserves?

Don’t be a day late and a dollar short

To be honest, I’ve been in situations where (to me) it’s my once a year experience of someone’s service. As for the person who is delivering it to me? I can only describe them as a day late and a dollar short.

  •  They are hassled
  •  They have just arrived, flustered, from a previous session
  •  They apologise for being a bit unprepared
  •  They can’t quite remember my name fully
  •  I can see them stumbling and trying to remember things throughout the session

Yes, they are busy – and that will be their defence. But basically, they couldn’t be arsed to make the time to look through my file.

How is that of comfort to me, as the client?

What’s the impact of being emotionally unprepared?

When someone arrives late, flustered and unprepared, it’s like they are saying this:

  •  “I was too busy to give the proper attention to your file.”
  •  “I think that little of you that I couldn’t be bothered to build 15 minutes preparation time into my calendar.”
  •  “I’m really bad at process. And yes, I’m the one looking after your money.”

Is that really the impression you want to give?

Don’t underestimate the importance of 15 minutes preparation

It’s just 15 minutes.

But that 15 minutes of preparation reverberates through the whole client relationship. You don’t get a free pass. Your client doesn’t care that you are busy – it’s not like you’re giving them a discount to compensate!

Don’t be a day late and a dollar short. Be prepared – both emotionally and practically.

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