Are you a Financial Adviser or Planner who wants to offer a fantastic client experience that will knock their socks off, increase your fees and help you fall in love with your work?

Then read on….

What is the Lifestyle Financial Planning Process?

PlanHappy is a step-by-step, end-to-end Lifestyle Financial Planning process for your clients. It allows you to deliver a holistic financial planning and coaching service that adds real value to your clients lives and to your business.

The process consists of over 250 step-by-step modules across seven stages, in an easy to follow step-by-step format that span the entire Lifestyle Financial Planning journey from client enquiry to ongoing servicing plus sales & marketing, coaching & presentation skills and training on how to get your commercials right.

Colourful and visual report templates that are designed uniquely for Lifestyle Financial Planning are also included for you to use with your clients.

What does the Lifestyle Financial Academy provide?

The PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning Academy provides comprehensive online training for Financial Planners who wish to improve their service to clients by delivering a great Lifestyle Financial Planning service.

The Full Membership training course provides detailed, comprehensive training to allow you to provide an end-to-end Lifestyle Financial Planning service for your clients with additional support for sales & marketing, coaching & presentation skills and commercials including how to price your service.

All training content is delivered through the PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning Academy website where each module has a detailed video guide to walk you through each step of the client journey.

There are online assessments available for each module to test your knowledge and a support forum of like-minded learners. In addition to online training you can also access group training sessions, masterclass webinars and one-to-one coaching from a PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning expert.

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What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

Lifestyle Financial Planning is a three stage process that puts the focus on your clients life and happiness, rather than their financial products.

1. Life Coaching

This is where you work with your client and coach them to help them see what they REALLY want from their lives (and trust me, it’s not a 5% investment return).

You’ll find that what they really want is to know that ‘everything is going to be OK’, and that they’ll ‘always have enough.’ Your job is to help them work out ‘enough…….FOR WHAT!?

Your clients true FOR WHAT? should only consist of human stuff with no reference to money or products. It’s about how they feel about and want for their life, their health, their family, their mental health and their dreams. Once you’ve coached, challenged and guided them to a vision of what they REALLY want their life to look like, that vision is set as the outcome that all future discussion, decisions, analysis and recommendations are measured against.

2. Financial Planning

Now that the clients ‘for what?’ has been agreed, you can set about seeing how much money they will need over their lifetime to fulfil it and more importantly, WHEN they will need it.

Using Cash Flow modelling you can illustrate the possibilities and show how their ‘FOR WHAT?’ can be a reality. You can do great coaching work to set aside any unhelpful false beliefs and assumptions that they have about their money and their life – unblock the route to happiness and fulfilment in their lives.

Remember, if you don’t know what enough looks like, you’ll never know whether you have it!

3. Financial Advice

You’ve now established what the client REALLY wants their life to look like and have agreed a financial plan that shows what ENOUGH looks like. Now, and only now, do you recommend which products need to be added, removed, switched, transferred, invested, amended or ditched. No need to try and convince a client to buy a product by promising lower fees or better performance, your client is no longer buying into products, they’re buying into a better life for themselves – and they’re buying into you as the person that made it all happen for them

Why should I deliver Lifestyle Financial Planning?

The better question to ask yourself is why shouldn’t you be delivering Lifestyle Financial Planning?

Financial products are a means to an end, not an end themselves. Nobody talks about money on their deathbed. They talk about how much they’ve loved and lived and whether they lived the life that they wanted to.

Lifestyle Financial Planning helps you to help your client achieve their best life. Ask yourself, what gives me pride and fulfilment in what I do? Convincing a client that your investment/pension/insurance is better than someone else’s? Or coaching them to see what they REALLY want out of life and providing them a route map and plan that supports them to live their best life?

Hopefully that’s not too much of a dilemma for you! But don’t forget that it’s not only your clients that benefits from great Lifestyle Financial Planning. You get happier clients, paying you more fees, and staying loyal to you for a lifetime – what’s not to like?

Oh, and you get to go home proud and fulfilled every day, knowing you’ve really helped to change someone’s life!

Benefits for your clients

They get REAL value added to their lives

They can sleep at night knowing that everything is going to be OK

They know that they have enough and more importantly ‘For What!’

They have a deep personal relationship with their adviser (that’s you!)

Their focus is on their life and happiness, not on investment markets.

Benefits to yourself

You get to really love what you do.

You have loyal clients that will never leave you.

You get higher fees and more referrals.

You have happy clients who see YOU as the value, not a financial product.

You transact more financial products – because you stop talking about financial products!

Who is it for?

Any financial adviser or planner who wants to deliver a consistent, knockout, thought-provoking, loyalty-generating, kickass experience for their clients and benefit from being able to charge more, get more clients, more referrals, more revenue and most of all to really love what you do.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a trainee, an old hand or even just thinking about becoming a financial planner, the PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning process gives you a structured and proven service for you to offer to your clients.

Why is the Lifestyle Financial Planning process different?

Lifestyle Financial Planning is a growing element within the Financial Planning community and there are many proponents explaining WHY you should be providing it as a service to your clients.

PlanHappy is the only package that shows you exactly HOW to deliver it. It’s not just an idea, or a concept or a philosophy (although it is all of those as well), it is an end-to-end, step-by-step process which shows you every stage of the client process from initial enquiry right the way through to ongoing reviews.

It shows you how to do the first Site Survey Meeting with your potential client and secure their engagement. How to do a deep dive Life Coaching Session to find out what they really want in the Design Coaching Meeting. How to take that information and do great financial planning work in preparing your client reports in your Design WoW Session. How to deliver those reports and do more great coaching and challenging in your Sketch Discussion Meeting. How to produce all of your financial product recommendations and get your clients agreement to them all in the Schedule of Works and Build. How to round up the process in a Topping Out Meeting and then deliver a kickass ongoing service with regular reviews in your Update & Improve Meetings. You also get access to content on Sales & Marketing to help your generate enquiries, Coaching & Presentation Skills to really knock your clients socks of and Commercial Guides to help your get your contracts, pricing and processes firing.

No need for you to learn by trial and error or reinvent the wheel. Use the system that’s been proven to work over many years with many millions in revenue generated. Where other systems give you concepts, ideas or maybe a framework within which to build your own client offering, PlanHappy gives you everything you need to install it in your business – and it works out of the box!

How does it work?

You simply join the PlanHappy Academy, which is free, and purchase the PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning Full Membership.

This will give you access to over 250 video guides detailing each step of the of the process. Each module has a full video guide, document help guide and assessments so you can work through and learn the process step-by-step. You can start using it with your clients immediately and see instant results, learning as you earn!

Modules will be released to you weekly including the Core Client Meeting Process, Coaching & Presentation Skills to improve your coaching performance, Estate Planning Skills to add another string to your bow and valuable additional service to your clients and Sales & Marketing Process to get clients knocking on your door for PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning!

There’s also an online community where you can join weekly live Q&A sessions and enjoy monthly webcasts with Neil and other PlanHappy experts on all things PlanHappy to help you over any bumps. You can even arrange one-to-one coaching sessions with a PlanHappy Master if you really want to get stuck in and improve your performance.

What do you get?

For Full Membership you receive

A comprehensive end-to-end Lifestyle financial Planning service that you can install in your business immediately.

Step by step walkthrough for each client meeting, showing exactly how to deliver it by breaking it down into easy to follow chapters and modules.

Over 250 modules explaining each step in detail across seven process stages with video guides for each module.

Online assessments for each module to check your understanding.

Bespoke LFP report templates to present your plans to your clients

Everything you need to train and offer an end to end lifestyle financial planning service to your clients plus Sales & Marketing support, Coaching & Presentation Skills training and Commercial knowledge to help your get your numbers right.

A consistent and deliverable client process

Weekly online live Q&A Masterclass sessions with Neil and other PlanHappy experts

Access to Private Members Facebook group for discussion and support

Not just the WHY, but the HOW!

Here’s an idea of some of the chapters and modules that you get with Full Membership.

Click on a tab to expand and read more.

  • Welcome from Neil
  • PlanHappy Core Values
  • Equipment
  • The PlanHappy Kitchen
  • Anchoring the Path
  • What is a Site Survey?
  • Partner Attendance
  • Preparation
  • Taking Control
  • Introductory Comfort
  • Unloading
  • Probe & Widen
  • Agree the Big Questions
  • Setting the Scene
  • Materials on Site
  • Materials on Site – Protect
  • Mad Hatter Principle
  • Route Options – Pensions (Box & Barrel)
  • Route Options – Investments (Laws of Physics)
  • Route Options – Life Insurance -(Mind the Gap)
  • Route Options – Mortgages (Now or Never)
  • Architect
  • Enough
  • Scope of Works
  • Life Stages
  • Foundation Costs
  • Life Costs
  • For What?
  • Time Focus
  • Steam & Reservoir
  • Flow Balancing
  • Professional Judgement
  • Positive Disengagement
  • Journey Map
  • Square the Circle
  • Specialist Reports
  • De-risking Gap
  • The Pitch
  • Engagement Lanes
  • Hard Shoulder Introduction
  • Hard Shoulder Missing Partner
  • Hard Shoulder Fees
  • Hard Shoulder Beauty Parade
  • Hard Shoulder Not the Right Time
  • Wrong Road Introduction
  • Wrong Road Messer
  • Wrong Road High Maintenance
  • Wrong Road Form Signer
  • Wrong Road Self Investor
  • Wrong Road Tinkerman
  • Wrong Road Cost Obsessive
  • Wrong Road Internet Johnny
  • Wrong Road Puppet & Master
  • Wrong Road Technical Junkie
  • Wrong Road Greedy Investor
  • Wrong Road Withdraw & Spend
  • Wrong Road Show Off
  • Wrong Road Serial Complainer
  • Wrong Road Separator
  • Wrong Road Jack in the Box
  • Wrong Road Awkward Squad
  • Think about it camouflage
  • Onboarding
  • Putting it all together
  • Storyboard Narratives
  • Storyboard Whiteboard Images
  • What is Discovery
  • Discovery Process Overview
  • Getting started
  • Removing Barriers
  • Personal Information
  • Foundation Costs
  • Estate Planning Documents
  • Inheritance
  • Policy Information – Introduction
  • Policy Information – Policy Enquiry Forms
  • Policy Information – Initial Request
  • Policy Information – Gap Fill
  • Questionnaires
  • Investment Comfort Zone Questionnaire
  • Coaching Scans
  • Triggering questionnaires
  • Putting it all together
  • What is Design Coaching?
  • Investment Basics
  • Principles of the ICZ
  • Understanding ICZ Questions
  • Understanding the ICZ Output
  • Creating the ICZ Booklet page
  • Analysing the ICZ Booklet Page
  • ICZ Alternative Risk Profilers & Investment Solutions
  • Principles of the Coaching Scan
  • Analysing the Coaching Scan Output
  • Principles of the Protect Scan
  • Analysing the Protect Scan Output
  • Pre- Meeting Preparation
  • Introductory Refresh
  • Discuss & Review ICZ Results
  • Top Down vs. Bottom Up
  • For What – The Basics
  • For What – Commonalities
  • For What – Differences
  • For What – Protect
  • For What – Coaching
  • For What – Big Questions & Primary Focus
  • For What – Costs
  • For What – Design Levers
  • For What – Conclude, Recap & Agree
  • Loose End Agreements
  • Journey Map Signposting
  • Putting it All Together
  • Storyboard Narrative
  • Storyboard Whiteboard Images
  • What is a Design Wow?
  • Cash Flow Modelling
  • Preparation
  • Storyboard Refresh
  • Setting the Scene: Discovery
  • Setting the Scene: Planning
  • Setting the Scene: Design
  • Challenging the Base Plan Assumptions
  • Big Conclusions
  • Big Assumptions
  • What If Sketches
  • Draft Working Plan
  • Schedule of Works
  • Outline Sketch Booklet Creation
  • Working Plan Booklet Creation
  • What is a Sketch Discussion?
  • Preparation
  • Introductory Refresh
  • Outline Sketch Booklet Walkthrough
  • Understanding Sketches
  • What if Walkthroughs
  • Settling In
  • Narrow & Focus
  • Draft Working Plan Sketch Walkthrough
  • Schedule of Works Walkthrough
  • What’s What
  • Who’s who
  • How’s how
  • Fees & Regulatory Protection
  • Schedule of Works Investment Recipe
  • Schedule of Works Agreement
  • Any Road Actions
  • Decision Management
  • Full Skippering Onboarding
  • What is Topping Out?
  • What is a Protection Survey?
  • Introductory Refresh
  • Itch Scratching
  • Build Process Walkthrough
  • Loose Ends
  • Close the Build Phase
  • Journey Signposting
  • Handover
  • Preparation
  • Protect Introduction
  • Explore Existing
  • Four Layers
  • Incapacity
  • Care Fees
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Distribution
  • Needs & Costs
  • Settle, Discuss & Prioritise
  • Journey Signposting
  • Engage
  • Survey Report
  • What is an Update & Improve Full Skippering Meeting
  • Preparation
  • Introductory Refresh
  • Discuss the year gone by
  • Booklet
  • Review Existing Materials
  • Review Foundation Costs
  • Review For What? & One Offs
  • Review Reservoir Update
  • Update Working Plan
  • Discuss, Review & Agree an Investment Recipe
  • Review existing For What?
  • Top Down vs Bottom Up
  • What if Walkthroughs
  • Design Coaching
  • Schedule of Works Agreement
  • Mopping Up
  • Decision Management
  • What is an Update & Improve Engine Maintenance Meeting
  • Preparation
  • Introductory Refresh
  • Discuss the year gone by
  • Booklet
  • Review Existing Materials
  • Review Foundation Costs
  • Review Reservoir Update
  • Discuss, Review & Agree an Investment Recipe
  • Schedule of Works Agreement
  • Mopping Up
  • Decision Management
  • Upselling Full Skippering
  • Introduction
  • Passion
  • Credibility
  • Direction
  • Likeability
  • Confidence
  • Captivation
  • Inspiration
  • Imagery
  • Time Management
  • Trust Ability
  • Judgement
  • Wrap Up
  • Introduction
  • Active Listening
  • Contradictions
  • Challenging Beliefs
  • Partner Engagement
  • Set Piece Choices
  • Brain Splat Repackaging
  • Personalised Imagery
  • Intelligent Diagnosis
  • Why Why Why
  • Focus
  • Wrap Up
  • Introduction
  • Wheel of Work
  • Ships in the Harbour
  • Performance vs Market Movements
  • Box & Barrel
  • Level vs Decreasing Term
  • Technical Ambush
  • Universal Truths
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • False Beliefs
  • Problems Discussing Inheritance
  • Emotional Links
  • Disengaged Partner
  • Bullied Partner
  • Spending Savings vs Spending Income
  • Introduction
  • How to Market Lifestyle Financial Planning
  • Meeting Environment
  • Putting in the WoW
  • Converting Enquiries to LFP Meetings
  • Client Journey
  • Client Communications
  • Getting the partner there
  • How to Dress
  • Customer Journey
  • Objection Handling
  • Professional Judgement – Commerciality
  • Professional Judgement – Likeability
  • Professional Judgement – Value
  • Home Visits
  • Managing the Office Visit Environment
  • Managing the Virtual Environment
  • Managing the Neutral Environment
  • Managing the Planning Room Environment
  • Specialising as a Lifestyle Financial Planner
  • What to Charge
  • When to Charge
  • How to Charge
  • Structuring your charging
  • Contract Templates

Custom Client Reports

PlanHappy is unique because as well as an end-to-end, step-by-step client process for Lifestyle Financial Planning you also get access to bespoke Lifestyles Financial Planning report templates to support the client journey.

These visual and colourful report booklets dovetail with the client meeting process and reinforce all the visuals and analogies that you use in your client meetings.

This allows Lifestyle Financial Planning to go beyond great conversations and culminate in a tangible outcome that everybody can see touch and feel rather than a collection of images in people’s minds that often all differ!

Remember, Lifestyle Financial Planning is all about asking great questions. But that doesn’t help if you don’t know what to do with the answers…

Masterclass Sessions

Full Membership includes access to live weekly online Masterclass Sessions with Neil and other PlanHappy experts where we can help deal with any issues that might have arose. These live Q&A sessions are also helpful for picking up tips and advice from other PlanHappy practitioners.

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A word from the Founder

The PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning Process is built on 5 CORE VALUES that Neil honed over many years lifestyle financial planning with clients

Tell it like it is – (because it is what it is)

Champion the human outcome – (because that’s all that REALLY matters)

Give warmth and comfort – (because that’s how a client REALLY wants to feel)

Simplify to Empower – (because there’s more value in a rod than a fish)

Put WoW in everything you do (because…..otherwise what’s the point?)

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COMING SOON: Lifestyle Financial Planning Software

PlanHappy is also developing a Practice management system for Financial Advisers with a focus on those who offer Lifestyle Financial Planning. This automates much of the report production and client communications so you can spend more time doing great planning work with clients!

The PlanHappy Case & Practice Management system is currently in Beta testing within 13 firms across the UK and will be available soon.

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